vendredi 17 juin 2011

[Humeur] J'écoute...

Je reblogue un billet d'Ozphoria, qui a réalisé une mixtape reprenant tous les titres de Gish (Smashing Pumpkins) en version live.

Ca vaut vraiment le détour, et c'est une excellente manière de fêter les 20 ans de cet album !

Merci à eux pour cet excellent MP3 à télécharger !

Gish 20 : Mixtape
  1. I Am One (2000/01/24 - Muziekcentrum Vredenburg; Utrecht, NL)
  2. Siva (1997/01/08 - GM Place; Vancouver, CA)
  3. Rhinoceros (1993/06/29 - Studio 105; Paris, FR)
  4. Bury Me (1993/09/15 - Manchester Academy; Manchester, UK)
  5. Crush (2008/04/04 - Festival Hall; Melbourne, AU)
  6. Suffer (1991/09/?? - (hotel room); London, UK)
  7. Snail (2000/05/14 - Music Hall; Austin, TX, US)
  8. Tristessa (1991/08/20 - Backstage Tavern; Seattle, WA, US)
  9. Window Paine (1992/01/19 - Paard; Den Haag, NL)
  10. Daydream (2007/06/23 - Orange Peel; Asheville, NC, US)
Download: Gish 20 : Mixtape (MP3 - 116mb)

Since we started Ozphoria started 9 years ago we’ve done our fair few mixtape collections as a way of focusing on what we all love about The Smashing Pumpkins, the music. All the other stuff that comes with being a fan of one of the most creative and forever-changing bands aside we have some amazing memories with the music, new and old, that we (and the band) hold so close to our hearts, our sacred hearts. 
So with that Gish segue I’ve put together another Ozphoria collection to celebrate 20 years of the Smashing Pumpkins debut - Gish. The album that introduced the world to a band that would never stay the same and always evolve, this is what I wanted to capture in this (digital) mixtape.
Armed with our extensive live recording collection at Ozphoria HQ and the Smashing Pumpkins on the Live Media Archive here is a live Gish mixtape featuring versions of the songs from the album from over the years. As all Pumpkinheads will know with the recordings available and renditions of songs, this mixtape could have multiple combinations … but this is how the pieces fell together for me today. Tomorrow everything could have been different. 
I hope you all enjoy looking back at these songs and how the songs have evolved since the beginning. 
Simon (@sunky) & Bree (@BreeMateljan)
Note: As always a huge thank you to all the people that have taken the time to record and share their recordings with the Smashing Pumpkins community. We really appreciate your efforts. 

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